Hi! I am Steven Spielberg P, I recently graduated from University of British Columbia (UBC) with a research based masters in Machine Learning. My thesis focussed on developing a deep reinforcement learning based controller to automate the entire manufacturing process unit. I am interested in the area of Machine Learning especially Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning and its application in text. Over the course of my studies, I also got relevent research and industrial exposure. I have deployed machine learning based product into production at Amazon.com and Black Duck Software. At Amazon.com, I developed a product to make the lives of software developers little easier with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The product was released in 5 different countries worldwide and is currently in live. At Black Duck Software, I built an artificial intelligence assistant (Blog Link) to help software develpers and tech companies, parse useful information in terms and conditions and privacy documents. It is currently in production!

  • Amazon.com, Canada - Jun - Sept, 2017
    Software Engineering Intern - Aritificial Intelligence for software development + Software development at scale
  • Black Duck Software Research, Canada - Jun, 2016 - Feb 2017
    Data Scientist Intern - Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing for solving problems in open source software space.
  • University of British Columbia - Sep, 2015 - Dec 2017
    Research Assistant - Deep Reinforcement Learning for Process Control
  • Gyan Data Pvt. Ltd - Summer, 2015
    Data Science Intern - Developed clustering based ML Algorithms
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras - 2014-2015
    Research & Software Development Intern - Final year thesis on model based optimization
  • McMaster University, Canada - Summer, 2014
    Globalink Research Intern - Model based predictive optimization
  • Central Salt & Marine Research Institute - Summer, 2013
    Research & Development Intern - Developed solvers for mathematical modeling

Bio:I was born in Mukuperi, Nazareth, India. I had schooling in different parts of Tamilnadu, India. Though my childhood days were not stable, with a lot of endurance my mom made sure I got a good education.

Academics aside, I like running, swimming and biking. I am also interested in creative web designing on seeing attractive pages in web. This prompted me to create this site.